I have several of my friends and relatives with the idea that if they are consuming milk with 1% fat, then they are avoiding the 99% of the fat in milk.

Here is the truth: whole milk contains 3% fat (so, the 3% is the  100% fat that is supposed to be in whole milk).  This means if you are consuming milk with 1% fat, you are avoiding about 66% of the fat in whole milk, and if you are consuming milk with 2% fat, you are avoiding only about 33% of the fat in milk.

Be smart.. Eat smart.. now that you know the fact… make an informed choice….Choose fat free milk especially when you want to control your weight.  Note: Fat free milk is not recommended for children.  and More important…. Children under the age of 6 months should be breastfed exclusively.

Jipende: Ufunguo wa Mtindo bora wa Maisha upo mkononi Mwako.

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