Our bodies need only small amounts of salt a day (about 1.25gm or about a quarter teaspoon). Unfortunately, most of us consume a lot of salt. Health experts link high salt consumption with high blood pressure, and may lead to coronary heart diseases, kidney diseases, stroke and osteoporosis. Current research shows that salty diets can increase the risk of stomach cancer.

Lower your risk of these chronic diseases! Limit your consumption of salted foods, cooking and table salt. Try to use spices and herbs to flavour your foods. If you use packaged or canned foods, read the labels and choose those with no added salt. Otherwise, opt for fresh foods so that you can control the amount of salt added.

Gradually reduce the amount of salt you use in cooking and at the table, Learn to wean yourself off the salty tastes. You will gradually find yourself getting used to low salt foods.

Feel proud of being able to lower your salt consumption.

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