It is recommended that mothers start breastfeeding immediately after delivery (within the first hour) and continue to breast feed her baby on demand. Some of the other key recommendations include:

  • Breast feed your baby exclusively for the first six months of life. (no any other food, not even water). Then continue complemented breast feeding to two years and beyond.
  • For the mothers who had caesarian section under general anesthesia can start breastfeeding 6 hours after the surgery, while those who had local anesthesia can start breastfeeding immediately after surgery.
  • Even when there is medical indication for not breastfeeding, still the baby should be given appropriate MILK ONLY (which is Acceptable, Feasible, Affordable, Sustainable and Safe) until she/he is six months old.
  • When a working mother goes back to work after maternity leave, it does not mean introducing other foods to the baby. The baby should be fed appropriate MILK ONLY until the age of 6 months.
  • It is also important to maximize breastfeeding during the nights because breast milk is even produced more during the night.
  • Milk will still be important after 6 months of age but at this age, it should be complemented by other foods.

Note: The types of  milk which are not appropriate to a baby under six months of age includes fermented/sour milk, yogurt, skimmed milk and sweetened condensed milk.

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